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updates+phone number(possible username change etc)

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 7, 2015, 6:41 AM

    hihihihihihi long time no talk

you can skip reading this part, i dont care

things are doing v good, quit my job due to, well-- extreme manager harassment. It went to the point she was physically stalking me outside my shift as well... orz;; thats what I get for working at Walmart LOL.

So, ive been doing well mentally and physically, if you include me sleeping 6 times a day. kinda bummed out not getting any income but hey! i can last until i get a new job, who knows i might re-apply if that certain manager just leaves the store.

i bought a wiiu, i have sm4sh , splatoon and mario party 10. all are a blast to play, alas splatoon is difficult because of the manual cameras making me sick ;-; always wasting my life on games now

I also restored my old piece of crap laptop! It cost 40$ in total, really cheap. So I got a lot of things back..but it runs so horribly im gonna have to put it away for good soon! it has a bunch of good memories on it so, i might just keep it to reminisce about things, like my old art and etc.

ALSO GAYLE FINALLY MOVED OUT, if you guys dont know this villager made me a meme because she would not move out, and finally after 6 months of trying, real life time she did it she finally fucked off to fish's town who was happy to get the demon gayle herself. now I can get eunice, have my all sheep town, finish up my town and give everyone the dream address.


Also, if anyone wants my phone number, please note me, or just message me on skype if i have you! I dont mind giving it out to people! If you have whatsapp its better since my phone can only text to america and canada where i am without being charged a bunch! Im way more active on my phone if anything!

annddd finally, im planning on changing my username- though nothing is coming to mind what to change it too. Im sick of this username but at the same time i'd feel weird changing it, but at the same time good fucking riddance old self. So if you have any ideas on what potentially can become my new username tell me!


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